Percentage calculation Too quick

Percentage calculation Too quick

Quick Percentage Calculation 

Usually the percentage calculation time taking and most probably every one uses a calculator or a Smartphone to calculate the percentage. Here the Edutricks
 share you a tip for quick percentage Calculation. The quickest and easiest way to calculate percentages is to multiply numbers first and worry about the two decimal places later. We know that percentage means a fraction out of 100, which means move the decimal two digits to the left and numbers after the decimal point is negligible. 

Suppose we want calculate 30 percent of 80, 30 times 80 equals 2400, so the answer is 24.
Notice how 80 percent of 30 is also 24.

Consider another example to calculate the percentage.
40 percent of 120, multiply two numbers we get 4800 ignore last two digit so
The percentage is 48
Some times if we need to  calculate the percentage of a number like 82or 31, first we round up and down to the nearest multiple (80 and 30 respectively) to get a quick estimate.
Multiplying integers can made quicker than than multiplying decimals.

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